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Michelle and Blake

The Ranch at Laguna Beach

When a photographer has the opportunity to work along side a team of professionals who make every dream come true for the bride and groom it makes that wedding particularly special. It is not only about the venue that defines the outcome of the wedding but this venue was something out of a storybook- truly breathtaking. This was about two people coming together and sharing their lives together, the reason that hundreds of people show up to celebrate the union of two beautiful individuals. This union is what everyone anticipates for months as the wedding date draws near. This blog is to honor the beautiful couple Michelle and Blake Hite's dream wedding. Jonatan Saine Photography was fortunate enough to have been part of this beautiful wedding that took place at The Ranch at Laguna Beach!
It all started mid 2014 when Michelle and Blake reached out to me to inquire about their wedding and engagement session, and ever since we met we connected and a new chapter was being written.

     A few months had passed and the big day was finally here, it felt as if time had pushed the fast forward button and a few months seemed like a few weeks, and my team and I were more than ready and thrilled to have been the ones documenting Michelle and Blake's day. We had arrived extra early to the venue because we wanted to make sure that the bride and groom had images from every detail of their wedding day.

     Michelle and Blake, thank you for letting Jonatan Saine Photography be part of your fairytale wedding, we are grateful to have been a part of your new journey together. Thank you for the love that you two share with one another, it is contagious, it is beautiful, and it is indescribable beyond measure! There's a link below with just a hand full of images from your wedding day to show the world the thought that was put into this wedding, and the love that you guys have for each other. I hope the album once in your hands will be a reminder of the love that everyone felt at your wedding. We are honored to witness your vows and watch you dance the night away in celebration. May these photographs capture your beautiful lives being brought together as one. Jonatan Saine Photography is forever grateful!

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