SHE SAID YES!!! Laguna Beach engagement session!

SHE SAID YES!!! What an amazing experience to see them get engage and be there for them to record this very precious time for them both.

95% of clients that want a photo shoot for their families, spouses, wedding, engagements, you name it, are female base. Thank you soon to be bride, soon to be mom, existing moms, spouses, and daughters that take the time to set up a session for your loved ones. However, you will get a very special 5% who are male base clientele that will reach out to photographers to capture their "already" planned out, marriage proposal. This was the case when he called me and walked me through his marriage proposal plan, and wanted us to capture this special moment. We couldn't have been more honored to have been the ones to photograph this Laguna Beach marriage proposal. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN C&C!!! :) 949.292.0185

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