Corpus Christi Catholic Christian Community Wedding

A new story has been written on Valentines day in Aliso Viejo, California. It did take me by surprise when my clients had called and asked for a Valentines wedding photography session, because up to this point I've had only heard of weddings on Valentines day, but this time it was my turn. It isn't about me photographing a Valentines wedding, but rather the amazing story that Charlene and Eric have written on this day. Every wedding is very meaningful as it is, whether these are small or large, but Charlene and Eric's wedding has to be one of the most meaningful and special events Jonatan Saine Photography had been part of.

Their wedding ceremony was held at Corpus Christi Catholic Christian Community Hall in Aliso Viejo, California. The pastor at the church was incredible, as he would let my assistant and I get around the floor "quietly" to get the best photos we could possibly get for Charlene and Eric.

The reception was held on Mangia Benne Cucina Italian Restaurant also located in Aliso Viejo, and I can tell you they have done a super job decorating and fixing everything for Charlene and Eric to look magical. The wedding cake table and the presentation was to dream for, and the details that were thought of throughout the reception was nothing but great. Thank you Mangia Benne Cucina for having us and be part of this special day! Thank you Charlene and Eric for the wonderful time spent together, and Jonatan Saine Photography wishes you and your entire family a remarkable 2015! Are are some of the photos from Charlene and Eric wedding's day - I hope you enjoy them!

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