Senior Session at The Mission - San Juan Capistrano

There has been quite the shift in Senior Photography. Well, there's always a new trend if you call it that way, or there's always a new Pinterest board with great posing ideas and great wardrobe look that you have fallen in love with. Whatever the situation is you may have yourself in the past, Senior photography has seen a change from the perfect poses moving more towards natural movement, I began relaxing my posing to allow for a more genuine personality to show through, and I have completely welcomed such change with open arms. I began to shoot more movement… the fluttering of a dress hem, the twirl of a girl in a field, the flow of hair or the ballerina pose as my client and I did at the Mission during our session (her that is, not me - I was behind the shutter capturing the moment :).

The Mission at San Juan Capistrano in South Orange County is a perfect venue for Senior Photography because it permits the photographer to juxtaposition our beautiful model along side this astonishing ancient building to capture the majesty that these two present.

Thank you Ciara, class of 2016, scholar athlete for allowing to be part of this great experience and wonderful journey.

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