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Wedding Websites 


Select from 3 popular designs


As a photographer and designer I'm a strong believer that a wedding should be beautiful from the moment you scheduled your save the date session, to designing your cards, choosing the right decor for the wedding day, selecting venue, selecting a color scheme and a theme for your wedding, these can be overwhelming, but having a beautiful website that simplifies things on your end so your guests can RSVP, read up about your love story, register and buy gifts from your website and know about who the lucky ones standing behind you in the altar are, all of these things are very important as the technology gets more advance it is easier for us to know everything about your wedding day from your home/office computer to mobile devices, register and get every piece of information guests need about the big day.  Want to leave a great impression and get that wow factor, then select from one of these 3 popular wedding designs and let's personalized them with your wedding color scheme, photographs and love stories.








Any of these websites will have the ability to be customized upon request.

Content will be given to JSP to create all of the pages, this is all written in your own words.  Either of these sites offers a single page layout so the guest will not have to bounce from one page to another, instead all of the most important information will be stored here in one page. The websites will be hosted by Jonatan Saine Photography from the moment is hired until 2 months after the wedding.   The websites are not transferable, but can give jpg files. 


If you or anyone that you know is interested in a website for their wedding day, please don't hesitate in reaching out to JSP to inquire

more information and meet in person to test your favorite site live.


Thank you again! 

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