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My Philosophy

Unconditional Love

Life takes us on an unpredictable roller coaster, but be assure that love endures through it all. Even in a year from now, or 10, or 30 you will reflect back at these photographs and it will be a clear reminder of your wedding day, it will be like taking an elevator where every floor is an album spread, where you can go back to where it all began, the people that shared these moments with you, the tears shed all for the meaning of love. All I want is for you to remember that through the journey of marriage, love never fails, when life get's tough, love will persevere. When life gets in the way go back to where it all began. When you look back at these photos I want you to be reminded of how fortunate you were and still are to share the love of those who shared that big day with you. Photography is more than simply taking photos, but rather a recollection of moments to reflect for a lifetime and beyond. 

The Experience


The Consultation

Booking & Planning

It is important to me to really connect with my clients, and I want my soon to be clients to connect with me, I believe in matching personalities so the overall process is as comfortable and successful as it can be. All of these things are important because it can be shown in the photograph if you're not fully engaged and comfortable with a photographer, or videographer, or whomever the vendor may be. In our case, we want to have a great time while we're working on our craft and I'm sure you also hope for the best outcome.


Upon our initial inquiry or introduction, we will discuss the best wedding collection for your wedding day. Every wedding is different, and every bride has different priorities so we will come up with a proposal that is best suited for your wedding. 


Once we have all documents finalized we will start planning the details for our engagement session, parallel to the engagement session we will start drafting a timeline for your wedding, this is different than your typical wedding coordinator timeline because it mentions things like detail shots needed, when photographers are about to do next, etc. 


The Engagement Session

The engagement session is not only a great time to get to know each other, but it is a great time to be in front of the camera and be a little more prepared for the big day. Engagement sessions are great because the photos that we take during the engagement session are used as part of the Guest Album if you're going to have one at your wedding - some couples like to have guests sign the book, some don't, but it is a great addition for the wedding day. 


Prior to the engagement we will work together on a theme, which will help to find our location, our wardrobe, the overall style, and more. This engagement session is so incredibly helpful in so many ways, so let's get started and have fun while taking photos! 


Ahhh... The Wedding Day is upon us! 

The wedding day is upon us! Let the celebration and tears begin. My goal on your wedding day is to ensure you are stress-free, that we get to have fun, that is a smooth and easy process, along with directing and taking photos while at it :) sounds pretty easy, right! I'll be your bouquet holder, your boutonniere pinner, veil fixer, dress fluffer, your coach to make sure you're hydrated throughout the course of the wedding especially when taking photos, I'll be your hair stylist and everything that goes into making sure we have the perfect shot, you get the point! 


Part of the wedding day is making sure we stick to the timeline created prior to the wedding day as much as we can, whether you have a wedding coordinator or not, I will end up being one as well as we will be time constrained and we need to plan accordingly for every shot and location we have accounted for. Don't you worry about it, we got this! Ahh... and if you're interested in reviewing some type of shot checklist we have put one together to help us stay on track with all of the shots that we need. You can view it here


Gallery Delivery

We consider ourselves a boutique photography studio because everything that we do we take a lot of consideration on the detail, and on the details is what makes us very special. One of those details is the fact that we have a dedicated customized gallery built just for you - here you will be able to not only download all of your amazing photographs but you could also share with a click to friends and family, it makes it a very easy expereince for everyone to get their photos. 


Depending on the season, you are expected to receive your gallery approximately 3-4 weeks following your wedding day, we strive for 2-3 weeks, but on a busy season that is challenging to commit to, however, we will let you know as we start working on the photos. This online gallery that you will receive in the email you will be able to download and print all of these images, it is a very easy and pain-free process, no more flash drives because they will even become obsolete in the near future, however, we do offer them in case you were interested. 


Pages + Album Design 

We have partnered with GraphiStudio which is a company based in the north-east part of Italy, and their products are so much fun and best of quality, I hope you were able to see them in person during any of our Bridal Shows. 


The first step is designing all of the pages first, then we move into the album cover/boxes, upon approval we place the order and wait for the best album in the market to arrive. 


Now, we ask for one thing, when you sit down with your better half, we ask that you record a video looking through the pages because that feeling and emotions you get reflecting your wedding day in a gorgeous album, it is the best feeling in the world. 

Want to Learn More? 

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